• Interior, the counter with stylish bar chairs
  • Interior, tables with bar chairs, booths

Fireside Burien

About us

All for one and one for all. For years now, Matt, Tyler and Jose have been run-in buddies while doin’ their own thing. Matt has been building out restaurants and bars for well over a decade. Tyler has been leveraging his design skills both as a contractor and as a food stylist over that span. Jose has been killing it in lower Queen Anne as the owner and operator of Laredos Grill.

In the heart of the pandemic, these three amigos decided to look past the doom and gloom and envision what it could look like once we’re on the other side of it. Where would we like our overdue reunions to happen when it’s safe for friends and family to gather again? Where will we break bread and what meal would we share? Using the answers to these questions as a their compass, they set out to make a cozy, homie, throwback to the Golden Age of Midwest Taverns, right here in downtown Burien. After more than a year, much hard work, and many shared beers, their collective dream was realized in October 2021 when Fireside Burien first opened its doors.

Our story - like most stories - is best told and retold fireside. Pull up a chair at the bar or find your nook by the fireplace and share a story over a drink and a hot plate with someone you love. Laughter, comfort, community. That’s the whole concept at Fireside. Well, that and to offer the very best of the Midwest right here in the PNW -you betcha! 😉